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OTdirect is an independent site for Occupational Therapists, OT Assistants and OT students, produced by OTs in their spare time. It aims to provide not only links to useful resources on the web, but study notes, practice updates and training listings. We value any feedback. Please mail us your own articles, training notes, etc., or volunteer to edit part of the site -- this site will only work well if it is a shared effort.

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29/11/2010. News: interesting article from the Guardian on innovative new wheelchair design. http://bit.ly/hf2LV7.

22/11/2010. Update: added Getback Supplies www.getbacksupplies.co.uk to Chairs section and Easiaccess www.easi-access.co.uk to ramps section of list of equipment suppliers.

22/11/2010. Update: added Seating Matters to Chairs section of list of equipment suppliers.

15/11/2010. Update: pruned and updated Chairs section of list of equipment suppliers.

03/10/2010. Update: added to list of equipment suppliers - Design Matters www.dmkbb.co.uk Accessible kitchen design and installation; BioBidet biobidet.co.uk electronic bidet toilet seat (wash/dry function, can be installed as minor adaptation); PDS Hygiene www.pdshygiene.com BioBidet distributor.

02/10/2010. Site upgrade begun. I have rather neglected this website lately due to many other commitments. Apologies for any outdated content or broken links encountered during this time. Further upgrade notifications will be posted here.

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