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OTdirect: Links: Disability: Equipment Suppliers

Occupational Therapy and
Disability equipment suppliers

You can use the menu below to browse the page or press 'Apple-F' or 'CTRL-F' to search the page. If you know of, or work for, a company that is not yet listed, please let us know. Please state which headings it should be listed under, or if the headings do not fit, suggest a new one. Thanks. External links open in new windows.

This is not an exhaustive list. Some suppliers are not yet on the web. Do not commit to choosing equipment until you have checked out all the options -- not just those on the web. Try before you buy -- Disabled Living Centres may be arrange a demonstration, as may a company representative. The Disabled Living Centres Council includes a directory of Disabled Living Centres. Consult the Disabled Living Foundation website for further advice on choosing equipment. Inclusion in this list is not an endorsement.

If the product you want isn't on the market, REMAP may be able to make a custom device for you, or modify an existing product. REMAP is a charity that "operates through a network of 1,500 volunteers... professional engineers, technicians, and craftspeople - along with medical and paramedical staff from community services and hospitals."

Used equipment can be bought and sold at eQuipForLife.org.uk (www.equipforlife.org.uk), a non-profit organisation, established with National Lottery funding, to allow people to post classified equipment ads online.

Sport and Leisure


(for wheelchair users)


(for visually impaired cyclists)

Travel and Holidays

Personal Care


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Eating and drinking

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The best listing of bathroom items can be found at www.bathingmadeeasy.com. If you can't find what you want there, a list of suppliers by subject heading follows:


Shower trays, cubicles, doors and supports

Shower Seats (fixed and freestanding)

Shower chairs (wheeled)

Special Baths

Bathroom Accessories (general)

Bath lifts

Body Driers

(For those who are unable to dry using a towel and conventional methods)

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Aids To Mobility provides a separate database of suppliers of new and used mobility equipment.

Walking Aids

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Manual Wheelchairs

Wheeled shower chairs

Powered Wheelchairs


Hand Cycles

Pressure Cushions

See separate section


The Home Ramp Project has a comprehensive online manual of guidelines for constructing wheelchair ramps.

Wheelchair accessories

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Stair climbers

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Platform lifts and step-lifts

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Through-floor lifts

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Chairs and seating



Pressure relieving cushions and mattresses.

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Postural Support

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Note: MDA Safety Notice: Bed Grab Handles: Risk of Head Entrapment


Communications Aids

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Making Computers Accessible for Disabled People

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Hearing Loss

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Visual Impairment

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Household equipment

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Kitchen Equipment

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Switches, Environmental Controls and Alarms

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Moving and Handling: General

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Portable Hoists and slings

Ceiling Track Hoists

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Orthotics and Prosthetics

Rehab equipment

Rehab software

Paediatric Equipment

If there is no suitable product on the market it may be worth contacting MERU (meru.org.uk), a charity that makes bespoke equipment for disabled children.


Play equipment

General Suppliers

Companies whose product range covers several of the categories above.


Please note: this site does not buy or sell anything. It provides a list of links to equipment suppliers. I cannot provide catalogues or prices for equipment and I do not buy equipment.

If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions about this page, please email me.

Last updated: 12th March 2013. Editor: Mike Griffin, OT (field of practice: palliative care and neurology). Any opinions expressed are the author's own unless otherwise stated.

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