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Literature Search Facilities; Journals; Newsgroups and discussion groups; Help with Statistics
Disability sites
Disabled Living Centres, Travel, Benefits Advice, Equipment Suppliers, Disabled Living Centres
General Health links
Online Medical Textbooks; Medical Encyclopaedias and Dictionaries; Specific conditions: Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis,...
Equipment Suppliers
Leisure, Personal Care, Mobility, Seating and Beds, Communication; Household, Moving and Handling

General OT sites

College of Occupational Therapists (UK) The professional association and trade union for occupational therapists in the UK. British Journal of Occupational Therapy is now available online. Includes members only area, message boards and downloadable books and publications.

British Association of Hand Therapists Ltd.

ENOTHE : European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education

The Kawa (River) Model An occupational therapy model developed by Japanese occupational therapists. Limited content in English so far.

The Health Professions Council replaces the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine as the regulatory body for OT in the UK

OTseeker — a free database of systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials relevant to occupational therapy and evidence-based practice.

UNISON The union for occupational therapists in the UK. Full membership of Unison is included in BAOT membership.

National Electronic Library for Health includes a dedicated OT portal with useful links to a variety of resources including evidence based medicine, anatomy, medical textbooks and much more.

American Occupational Therapy Foundation Includes clinical factsheets and information on scholarships, research and the Occupational Therapy Journal of Research.

Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation Includes case studies, research reviews and critical reviews.

Green OT Network: Part of the Campaign for Greener Healthcare.

Occupational Opportunites for Refugees & Asylum Seekers (OOFRAS) One-stop-shop for OTs responding to the occupational needs of refugees. Information, inspiration, community, opportunities to participate and more.

OT Works Canadian site run by CAOT mainly for non-OTs, but with some articles giving an overview of the profession and careers information.

OT Now New site with original content including case studies, etc.

AMPS UK (www.amps-uk.com) no longer handles business for AMPS in the UK. See instead AMPS international, below.

AMPS The main AMPS site, including a listserv, FAQ, software and references.

AMPS in Sweden Includes only a short introduction in English.

metaot.com: Blog of an OT student with special interest in technology.

del.icio.us/metaot: A useful collection of links organised by keyword.

MOHO clearing house "The purpose of the Clearinghouse is to maintain a library of published and unpublished materials and to disseminate information related to the Model of Human Occupation" Includes link to MOHO listserv.

Hand Rehab Online with case studies and message board (USA)

International Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy includes message board.

The Bobath Centre a non-profit making organisation that specialises in the treatment of cerebral palsy and acquired neurological conditions.

Advance for Occupational Therapy Practitioners US biweekly news magazine for Occupational Therapists

Allen's Cognitive Levels Assessments Assessment tools to provide an initial estimate of cognitive function

Sensory Integration International Features training, therapists listing and other resources on Sensory Integration.

Occupational Therapists in Independent Practice (UK)

Occupational Therapy and Smoking Prevention and Cessation New York University. Comprehensive and detailed description of an Occupational Therapy smoking cessation programme.

OT Student

Open Directory Project More links.

Occupational Therapy & Disability Web Site Links from the St. Loyes School of Occupational Therapy

www.univsource.com/ot.htm: A listing of US OT educational programmes.

Social Services & Health Occupational Therapists Background information on a joint working project in Nottinghamshire.

Occupational Science

International Society of Occupational Scientists (ISOS) "A society of international, multidisciplinary occupational scientists promoting an occupational perspective of health and well being." Includes contact details and useful Occupational Science links.

occupationUK New homepage of the British Institute for Occupation and Health, a new organisation aimed at restoring the centrality of occupation to the profession's ideology and practice.

SSO:USA (Society for the Study of Occupation: USA) www.sso-usa.org. Includes research resources and links to online journals.

www.csoscanada.org Canadian Society of Occupational Scientists (CSOS). Includes an introduction to Occupational Science, resources and references.

Australasian Society of Occupational Scientists (ASOS) Includes an introduction to Occupational Science, resources and references.

Society for the Study of Occupation (USA) Includes searchable library of interdisciplinary articles on occupation, with references and abstracts.

Journal of Occupational Science Searchable by author, title and abstract. Abstracts available but full text only for subscribers.

Useful related links

emPOWER Charities consortium of users of Prosthetics, Orthotics, Wheelchairs, and Environmental Controls.

Foundation for Assistive Technology (FAST)

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency Previously known as Medical Devices Agency. Government body to regulate medical devices -- includes safety reports and hazard notices online.

Centre for Accessible Environments "The Centre for Accessible Environments is committed to the provision of buildings and places which are accessible to all users, including disabled and older people, and to the enhancement of quality in design. It is a technical information training and consultancy resource for the construction industry, providers of goods and services, the care professions and disabled people."

Disabled Living Foundation Masses of information about independent living equipment, including factsheets and links to equipment suppliers. Independent, impartial and reliable.

Abledata (USA) Database of assistive technology. Includes useful fact sheets that may assist you in problem solving. Similar to Disabled Living Foundation.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (USA)

The Ergonomics Society (UK) General ergonomics-related information.

The Hosford Muscle Tables: Skeletal Muscles of the Human Body.

HMSO Includes full text of legislation passed since 1996, plus the Disability Discrimination Act (1995).

National Resource Centre for Consumer Participation in Health Australian site with information resources and links on user involvement.

Vitalise A national charity providing breaks for disabled people and carers. Previously known as the Winged Fellowship Trust.

Electronic Medicines Compendium (UK) Information on medications including interactions, side effects, contra-indications.

Queen Elizabeth's Foundation Mobility Centre (aka Banstead Mobility Centre) Information, assessment and tuition on disability and driving.

The Visible Human Project Macabre but informative site on anatomy. MRI scans of human corpses.

University of Washington Fatigue Management Pamphlet (arthritis)

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities (UK)

LD Online Learning Disabilities site

National Cancer Institute US site giving general cancer related information.

Mobility Friendly Homes An estate agency and lettings service that specialises in accessible and adapted homes.

Spinal Cord Injury Update (University of Washington, US) Includes online newsletter and pamphlets. Excellent resource for background info, though more nursing/medical than OT.

Department of Work and Pensions General information about benefits entitlement.

Center for Universal Design Accessible design resources. (US site)

Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access Accessible design resources. (US site)

Scope Cerebral Palsy charity with resources.

The Adaptive Technology Resource Centre (includes Assistive Technology Outcomes)

WebABLE Thousands of links to disability related sites and resources to make the web accessible to disabled people.

RADAR (Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation)

Community Legal Service Links to local legal advisers in England and Wales.

Local Government Ombudsman Clients can appeal to the ombudsman if Local Government complaints procedures fail to resolve a problem.

Worldwide Education and Awareness for Movement Disorders

General Search Engines

Google UK (probably the best -- fast to load, not cluttered with adverts, good searches and fast results.)

Open Directory Probably the most comprehensive human-edited web directory (and check their OT section)

Altavista UK

Yahoo UK

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